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Vision & Mission

Global Vision – Reaching the world for Christ in every generation through the doors that God opens.


Kingdom Understanding - Proclaim the gospel, word, and mysteries of the Kingdom.


Foundation Truth – Laying and repairing foundational truths in believers and churches.


Spiritual Warfare - Seeking to overcome and breakthrough spiritual hindrances.


Church Planting – Establishing churches and releasing ministries to gather in the last harvest.


Supernatural Ministry – Manifesting the supernatural and the miraculous in life and ministry


Fathering Spirit – Raising up sons and daughters equipped to do ascension ministry.


Correcting Error – Checking and reversing the effects of false teachers, shepherds, prophets, and apostles.


Releasing Revelation – Giving forth not just the breath of the Word of God, but also the depth of the Word of God.


Body Oversight – Carrying concern for the Church as a whole with a view toward protecting and perfecting.


Spiritual Maturity – Leading believers and the Body of Christ into spiritual growth and Kingdom maturity.


Gifts Enablement – Facilitating the impartation and the stirring up of spiritual gifts in believers.

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